It gives you the opportunity to visit and study Historic Sites. OpenLearn Arthurian Literature and Celtic Colonization This course will concentrate on the mythology associated with Arthur. Through studying the history of your country, you have an opportunity to gain knowledge about the ancient civilizations. It will explore the mythology of King Arthur and will explain how these myths connect to the real historical events taking place across England, Brittany, Wales and Scotland. [MIT] In addition the school could arrange a trip to different historic sites that will give you a firsthand experience of the past civilizations. USSR along with Russia. For instance, you can visit the pyramids of Egypt to discover more the history of Egyptian civilization and the reasons why it fell apart.

These classes will assist you discover more about Russia beginning from the medieval times until the 1990’s. Other historic sites to explore are Persepolis, Alhambra, Colosseum in Rome, and Petra. A look at the Making of Russia in the worlds of Byzantium, Mongolia, and Europe This course will examine the influences that created Medieval or early contemporary Russia. [MIT» Imperial and Revolutionary Russia, 1800-1917: This course will explore Russia’s cultural, social, and political history. [MIT» Soviet Politics and Society, 1917-1991: In this class you will discover more about The Soviet imperial power, Communism, and the change towards democratic principles. [MIT» Cold War Science: Look through the information included in this class to discover what science behind the space race as well as nuclear terror throughout the Cold War. [MIT] In the event that your institution has been operating for a long period of time it is possible to study in buildings designed by previous architects. Ancient in the past and Medieval.

This will allow you to gain an understanding of the past architectural practices and views on education and so on. Take a trip back to the past by taking these courses that focus on the past of antiquated civilizations as well as those of the dark age. It helps you understand identity. The Ancient World: Greece: This course will focus on the development of Greece starting from its time in the Bronze Age up to the time of Alexander. [MIT] The Ancient World: Rome: Explore the history of the rise and fall of the Roman empire by making use of primary sources as well as other documentation from the past. [MIT]"The Making of a Roman Emperor You can find out much more about Roman Emperors Augustus as well as Nero. [MITThe Ancient City The Ancient City: This course will focus on the urban architectural styles that was built in Greece and Rome by using archaeology of the present and past as a base. [MIT» Medieval Economic History in Comparative Perspective Find out more about the socio-economic shifts that took place in medieval Europe as well as its connection in Islam, China and central Asia. [MIT» History of the Roman Empire Learn about the development of the early Rome through its beginnings through its demise within this program. [Berkeley] A Study of the Ancient Mediterranean World : This course will cover the beginning of the cultures of Egypt, Greece and Babylon. [Berkeley] the Dark Ages: Here you will discover more about Europe as well as the nearby East starting with the fall the Roman Empire until 1000 AD. [UMass Boston] A brief introduction to Ancient Greek History: Through this course, you’ll discover Greek intellectual, political and creative achievements that span beginning in through the Bronze Age to the end of the classical period. [Yale] The countries are stories. Asia. They influence the way people view their country and their place within the world.

With the most powerful economies on the planet and billions of residents, Asian countries can’t be left out. Learning about the past can help you understand about the ways in which various institutions within your country were created and the way they affect the way we live in the present. These courses will assist you to discover more about them and aid you in becoming more knowledgeable about their culture and politics.

When you discover more about the origins of your country and the people create your own identity. East Asia in the World Learn more about this course to understand the relationships of the East Asian states (Korea, China, Japan and Vietnam) with the rest of the world and with each with each. [MIT» Japan during the Age of the Samurai: History and Film: Here you’ll be able to learn more details about Japan through the 12th century to the 19th centuries , as well as the numerous films that employ samurai history as a theme. [MIT] Smacking down in the Iron Rice Bowl: Chinese East Asia The fascinating course will enable students understand the daily lives of Chinese people who were living through the dramatic changes that occurred in both the 19th and 20th century. [MIT» The Making of Modern South Asia This course offers an examination of Indian history and culture beginning in 2500 BC up to the present. [MIT] Women of South Asia from 1800 to Present: Find out more about the stories of women from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka throughout history. [MITThe Silk Road up to the Great Game: China, Russia, in addition to Central Eurasia : In this course you will discover the interaction all over the Eurasian continent among Russians, Chinese, Mongolian nomads, in addition to Turkic oasis dwellers in the last 1500 years. [MIT] An Passage to India: Introduction to Modern Indian Culture and Society using novels and short stories the course aims to give students a greater knowledge of the genesis of contemporary Indian culture, from the development in the caste system until the consequences of cheap globalization. [MIT] East Asian Cultures: From Zen to Pop This course will focus on the contemporary and historical culture from East Asia, including performance manga, cuisine, and much more. [MITThe course International Relations of East Asia Discover the consequences of nuclear firepower as well as large-scale economies that are the major players in East Asian’s relations with the world by taking this course. [MITThe course is Japanese Politics and Society: In this course, you will gain an in-depth knowledge of Japanese the history, culture and politics as well as economy. [MIT» Government and Politics of China by books and other resources This course will assist students to gain a greater comprehension of modern China and its political system, both in the past and also in the present. [MIT]